Private Coaching

There isn't one plan for every runner. Juli will customize a training plan for you.

Run Your Race

It doesn’t matter if you are training for Boston or trying to get into shape after a baby. Juli has been coaching athletes of all levels achieve their goals and she can help you too.

Motivation & Accountability

It is time to lace up those running shoes and train with a world class athlete.

It is time to lace up your running shoes and get to work.

Juli is with you every mile. With regular emails, calls and workouts you will stay motivated and on track.

Customized For You

Juli helps women of all levels achieve running goals; whether it's completing your first 5k or running your best marathon time, Juli can help!

Run When You Can

Juli helps busy moms achieve their dreams of finishing their first 10K as well as first time runners.
Run With Juli
People Run Faster with a Coach
Juli has coached professionally
Juli ran in the Atlanta Olympics

Expert Coaching

Customized, one-on-one online training with Coach Juli Benson. Whether you are running your very first 5K or you are looking to qualify for the Olympic Trials, Juli will empower you to reach your goals.

Lace up those shoes and get running.
I was TIRED…it seemed the harder I was working, the slower I was
moving. Being an individual who values Hard Work above all else, this
was an equation that didn’t add up. I decided that it was time to
work smarter, not harder. Enter Coach Juli Benson. Under Coach
Juli’s tutelage, I’ve learned to work a whole lot smarter. Every
workout has a focus, each effort has a purpose. And I’m still doing
all the activities I love: yoga, biking, swimming and most
importantly…running! She’s taught me to focus on the small stuff so
that the big stuff doesn’t overwhelm. Coach Juli is super responsive
to any of my questions, stays in constant contact and explains
everything in perfect detail. Perhaps most importantly, Coach Juli
has me believing in myself. And the proof is in the pudding…a HUGE 90
second PR at the 2016 Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:21:30). I’m proud
to call Coach Juli my coach and my friend!