You train hard but your race times don't improve—what gives?

Juli has trained Olympians, All-Americans and World Class Runners--she can train you too!

Train Smarter with Juli

Take the guesswork out of training. Let Juli build a training schedule for you that allows you to train smarter not harder so that you peak at race time.

For recovery days, which is better the ellipitical or a spin class?

Juli will listen to your goals and customize a training plan to get you where you want to be.

Take the Guess Work Out of Training.

You don’t have to wonder if you are working too hard or not hard enough. Juli will map out exactly what you should be doing when and how.

I want to get into shape after having a baby, finishing a 5K is just bonus!

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a World-Class racer, Juli will train you to run faster.

Cross-Training + Running is part of Juli's Regimen

Juli has over 12 years of professional experience working with hundreds of runners. If you want to get in shape and run faster, she will make the plan and encourage you along the way.

“Every time I talk with Coach Benson, I am continuously impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and experience. Before meeting Juli, I had fallen into cycle of injuries and hadn’t finished a season healthy in several years.  Within a year of working with Coach Benson, I was finally able to finish my first season healthy and in the process ran a successful marathon debut.  We then came back the following year and qualified for the olympic trials in the marathon. I cannot recommend Coach Benson enough for runners looking for guidance towards their goals. Whether it be running your first 5k, qualifying for the Boston Marathon or looking to become an olympian, Juli’s athlete centered coaching approach allows the coach athlete to work together to create a program that best meets your individual needs. Not only that, but Coach Benson does an amazing job focusing on the well-being of the athlete first, a really refreshing and much needed approach in today’s result driven world.” – Colin L.

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Goal Planning Call Included Included Included
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Phone Calls with Juli 1 Call Included 2x Month Unlimited Calls
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Monthly Investment:
$175 $250

Juli’s training plans will help you reach your goals. Sign up and train with Juli for your next race!