Look Good, Feel Good

I’m a sucker for cute running outfits; however, I believe running clothes for women need to be comfortable and functional. Oiselle is an awesome, one-stop shop for great women’s athletic apparel created by awesome ladies. Love it!

Oiselle is notorious for supporting world class running mamas that rock.

 I am happy to offer my clients a 10% discount on Oislle products- Check them out!

Recovery Made Easy

Wouldn’t it be great to have regular massages built in to your fitness routine?  A 60-minute massage can be extremely beneficial for athletes, but it’s often difficult to build in time each week for such a luxury. Not to mention that they can be really expensive.

The professional runners I coach use this nifty device that’s great for recovery and soothing sore muscles after running.  It’s a one time investment that is very effective and created by runners. Check it out!

Winter is Coming — Where Can I Run?

I know winter and the treacherous weather it can bring can make running outside challenging. I am not a fan of running on the treadmill everyday when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating- I love to be outside! Yaktrax are cool little gadgets that strap on to your running shoes and help provide traction against snow and ice. Pretty cool!