Juli has a gift of getting the best out of you not only as an athlete but as a person. When I first met Coach Juli, she asked the question; “Do you want to see how good you can be?” Juli helped me find the best version of myself in training, racing and overall athletic perspective. With Juli as a coach, mentor and friend, I was blessed enough to chase my potential and my dreams.
Clerc K
Yes! Various training packages allow for monthly, weekly and unlimited phone chats with Juli. Check out the packages for more info.
Injuries happen. I will work with you to help identify and point you in the right direction to solve any injury issues. We will also work closely to maintain fitness if you are unable to run.
Juli can help you gain a better understanding of NCAA recruiting rules, financial aid / scholarships, NCAA Official visits and connect you with NCAA Division I, II and III coaches.  She will be there to guide you through the entire process until the final college decision is made.
Yes, I suggest all sorts of nutritional strategies as you train towards your goal.
Running doesn’t end with the race! Training continues. I can help plan tactics to maintain healthy and fit lifestyles so that you can reach your next goal.