A very common complaint I hear from both new and experienced runners is shin pain.  Remember back in PE going for the coveted Presidential Physical Fitness ribbon? …. (Ok most of you are probably to young for that…) and your shins would ache at night?  We’ve all heard the diagnosis of “shin splints” but what does that even mean?? Shin splints are simply a generic term for pain along the inside or outside of the shin. Mostly, shin splints occur with new runners or as you change or increase your running workload.

I LOVE this workout for shin splint prevention.  It is quick, simple and can be done in your home (yay!!).  This quick routine strengthens the feet and lower leg muscles while also improving balance!  Love it!

Barefoot wall touches:

Stand barefoot 2 feet length away from wall on carpet or hardwood, back to the wall. While maintaining balance on right leg, turn entire upper body (head and shoulders included!) tap wall with left hand.  Try to only tap the wall at about shoulder height and avoid using the wall for balance!! Return to center and pause 2 seconds, repeat 10x. Now, turn opposite direction and tap wall with right hand- repeat 10x. Switchlegs and repeat. Repeat entire sequence!  The goal is to get through 2 sets without touching the opposite leg down on the ground. It takes time but is a great exercise for the entire lower leg.

This is a great routine to perform 2-3x per week. As you balance, you can feel the burn in feet, calves, ankles and shins!