Ok I will admit it. I’m embarrassed.

I came up with every excuse in the book NOT to have to go to a gym or a Yoga studio, I’m too busy, I’m allergic to stretching, I get my Zen from HGTV…. But the truth is, I am embarrassed to do Yoga with a bunch of women that are super limber and can hold all the poses forever and look graceful doing it.

I knew regular yoga would be super helpful for me and I even REQUIRE it for my professional runners!! (Do as I say, not as I do.) Anyway, thankfully, an athlete sent me a link to one of these online routines and I found the others myself and I LOVE THEM. I can do them AT HOME…. IN PRIVATE!!!  HOORAY!

These three routines are my favorites. I feel they address the main muscle groups that can be chronically tight for runners. They range from 17- 47 minutes long so easy to fit at least one or two in a busy week!

Happy stretching!!